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To Empower Black-owned businesses, We are pleased to announce that we have started a new community online shop that helps connect with you while giving our members a higher business potential and helping business thrive. You Can now Shop Online and find direct and sustainable ways to support our own community entrepreneurs. Check out some of the promoted associated products from BOBE members.

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You are our focus. BOBE Group services are built around you. We were founded in an effort to empower your small business with a full range of marketing and advertising services. We are determined to provide you with a return that is greater than your initial investment. We constantly adapt to new technologies and have a talented team of individuals who are equipped to help you smash your goals. We can design and deliver effective, innovative and creative solutions to your challenges, energise your company and build strong relationships with your customers.

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This teenager turned her homemade chicken wing sauce into a 6 figure business

Sienna Sauce a Houston-based company ran by 16-Year-OLD CEO Sauce Boss

Sienna Sauce is a gourmet sauce with no high fructose corn-syrup and is gluten-free. What is even more amazing about this sauce is that its creator and CEO is sixteen-year-old Tyla-Simone Crayton. She launched the condiment company, Sienna Sauce, in 2017. The sauce sold more than 50,000 bottles last year and can be found in […]

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Crowdfunding Campaign Launched to Open the First Black-owned Kids Salon in Stamford, Connecticut.

A Crowdfunding Campaign was recently Launched to open the first Black-owned kids salon in Stamford, Connecticut. If you are a parent you are all too familiar with the struggle to get your kids to sit through a haircut or to be still while you try to wash and comb their hair. Tamara Lawton is the […]

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#ENDSARS Protest

#ENDSARS Inspires Nigerian Entrepreneur to Launch Protest T-Shirt

#ENDSARS has inspired this Nigerian Entrepreneur to Launch a Protest T-Shirt brand. In the past few weeks, thousands of Nigerian youths have taken to the streets to protest the abuses by the notorious police group known as SARS. At the same time, this has inspired many young entrepreneurs to be innovative in an effort to […]

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akuko world

Akuko Socks Empowers!

MEET AKUKO WORLD, THE BRAND USING SOCKS TO CELEBRATE AND HIGHLIGHT “AFRO-PRESENTISM” If you have ever spent time looking at people’s sock wearing habits, for the most part, they are mundane and tralatitious. However, with their colorful bamboo socks,  Akuko World is making a boring wardrobe staple fun by providing a colorful African twist. Akuko […]

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