Crowdfunding Campaign Launched to Open the First Black-owned Kids Salon in Stamford, Connecticut.

A Crowdfunding Campaign was recently Launched to open the first Black-owned kids salon in Stamford, Connecticut. If you are a parent you are all too familiar with the struggle to get your kids to sit through a haircut or to be still while you try to wash and comb their hair. Tamara Lawton is the Founder of Kayla’s Kidz Beauty Salon, the only Black-owned children’s salon specializing in natural hair care in Stamford, Connecticut. She wants to provide families and kids with an amazing hairstyling experience.

Tamara Lawton is a first generation African American graduate and the mother of three kids. She started her business, Kayla’s Kidz Beauty Salon, because she wanted to cater specifically to the hair care and beauty needs of children in her local community. She recently launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds to expand upon her business and open up a physical space, which she hopes to become a staple in the Stamford community for many years to come.

A Crowdfunding Campaign was recently Launched to open the first Black-owned kids salon in Stamford, Connecticut.

Currently, the campaign is LIVE on iFundWomen, which is a crowdfunding platform to help women entrepreneurs crowdfund to launch or double down on their businesses.Tamara is asking everyone to please contribute any amount that they feel comfortable as she believes every dollar counts especially as we traverse the pandemic.

To donate and find out more about her crowdfunding campaign please visit on iFundWomen. If you are unable to support monetarily, please share the campaign on your preferred social media platform and tag @Kaylaskidzbeautyspa.

It is an undeniable fact that women, especially women of color, are underrepresented in the world of business. To close the gap that currently exists, we must make deliberate efforts to support more women entrepreneurs, and an important piece of that is increasing their access to capital. Find out more about how you can support Kayla’s Kidz Beauty Spa and their crowdfunding campaign check out the links below:

Company website and Fundraising website

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