#ENDSARS Inspires Nigerian Entrepreneur to Launch Protest T-Shirt

#ENDSARS has inspired this Nigerian Entrepreneur to Launch a Protest T-Shirt brand.

In the past few weeks, thousands of Nigerian youths have taken to the streets to protest the abuses by the notorious police group known as SARS. At the same time, this has inspired many young entrepreneurs to be innovative in an effort to support their communities.

Ikpeamaeze C. Anthony is a Lagos-based entrepreneur, who wants to uplift his community. He launched an apparel brand, BLVCK, which features popular slogans from the #ENDSARS movement. He told the BOBE Group that the brand represented his pride in being a black man and entrepreneur. 

The Civil Engineering student started BLVCK shirts after deciding he wanted to vent his frustrations about the ongoing global campaign against police brutality, especially against black people using his love of graphic design.

” BLVCK was inspired by the #BlackLivesMatter and #ENDSARS movement…. we needed to have a brand that represented the stories of the struggle of Nigerian youths, we wanted something that uplifted us and reflected the history and story of what is happening in Nigerian”

Ikpeamaeze C. Anthony

In recent years, the youth population has soared in Nigeria with over 60% of Nigerians being under 25. Additionally, fashion has increasingly become an outlet for young people to share their opinions and let their voices be heard by their communities and the wider culture.

Subsequently, Ikpeamaeze hopes that his protest tees will become a staple in closets across Nigerian and globally. The brand aims to continue promoting Black Pride and spread awareness about the nationwide protests by Nigerian youths against the kidnapping, harassment and extortion by the police unit known as the Special Anti Robbery Squad (SARS).

BLVCK is dedicated to not only making clothes with a message, but backing up that message by offering donations to nonprofits that are working for change.

Check out some of their designs via their BLVCK Instagram page.

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