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If you have ever spent time looking at people’s sock wearing habits, for the most part, they are mundane and tralatitious. However, with their colorful bamboo socks,  Akuko World is making a boring wardrobe staple fun by providing a colorful African twist. Akuko World was created with the simplest of intentions — to inspire a sense of community by using socks as a conversation starter. The Founder, Arinze Prosper Emegoakor, Hailing from Nigeria — a country known for its vibrant designs and even more colorful culture — wanted to raise consciousness about African culture outside of the continent and empower the African diaspora. 

He had always loved socks and always found himself sharing his personal stories with people who would compliment him on his daily sock choices. It is because of his love for storytelling that he eventually came up with the idea that he will use his socks to tell his personal stories. He started with his own culture, the igbo culture from eastern Nigeria, using a  musical instrument called ogene as inspiration for his first collection of socks.  Since its inception, Akuko World has been having hundreds of individuals sparking fruitful conversations about community and culture. Ultimately, filling a void in the market for affordable, colorful socks promoting ‘afro-presentism’.

Akuko World uses an often under-loved, overlooked garment to create a space where African stories matter and are seen as worth preserving  and passing on. With its bright colors and bold sock patterns, Akuko tells diverse stories about Africa and its diaspora – modern stories, forgotten stories, futuristic stories. Most of all – our own stories with our own voice. If you are looking for a high-quality, beautifully designed sock, that allows you to express your style and story with every step, you probably are looking for Akuko World.

Akuko World gives you more than just a pair of socks but a pair of friends

Designed in Sweden with love

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